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Special Issue of International Journal of Bioprinting in the BDMC 2023 Conference

Submission deadline: 15 April 2024
Special Issue Editors
Rui Yao
Tsinghua University, China
Interests: Bioprinting; Stem cells
Special Issue Information

BDMC2023  (3rd International Conference on Biomaterials, Bio-Design and Manufacturing) focuses on novel research, novel technology, and novel applications in the flourishing developing interdisciplinary field of biomanufacturing, which include a series of keynote presentations and working sessions on the following topics: (1) Novel 3D bioprinting systems and technologies; (2) Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine; (3) Medical Devices and Robotics; (4) Organ-on-a-chip; (5) Bionic Design and Manufacturing; (6) Biomaterials; (7) Bioelectronics; (8) 3D-Biomanufacturing Lab explore.

This IJB Special Issue selects presentations from the BDMC2023 conference. It is devoted to collecting cutting-edge research and quality papers on the bioprinting of living cells towards applied sciences and fundamental research of functional tissue reconstruction and biomedical applications.

BDMC2023; Cell printing; Functional tissue; Biomedical applications
Published Paper (8 Papers)

Preparation and characterization of angled dual- and multi-branched nerve guidance conduits

Yinchu Dong, Wenbi Wu, Haofan Liu, Xuebing Jiang, ... Maling Gou

Design and optimization of 3D-bioprinted cell-laden scaffolds in dynamic culture

Jing Li, Feng Chen, Meixia Wang, Xiaolong Zhu, ... Xiaoxiao Han

3D-bioprinted hydrogels with instructive niches for dental pulp regeneration

Nazi Zhou, Shunyao Zhu, Xinlin Wei, Xueyuan Liao, ... Rui Liu

Horsetail-inspired lattice structures for bone scaffold applications

Seng Leong Adrian Tan, Miao Zhao, Zhendong Li, Zhonggang Wang, ... Wei Zhai
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