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Made-to-order Organ

Submission deadline: 01 September 2024
Special Issue Editors
Peter Timashev
World-Class Research Center “Digital Biodesign and Personalized Healthcare”, Sechenov University, Moscow, Russia
Interests: Tissue engineering; Material characterization; Nanomaterials; Bioprinting; Supercritical fluids
Xing-Jie Liang
Guangzhou Medical University, Guangzhou, China
Interests: Nanomedicine; Nanobiotechnology
Guoxi Xie
Guangzhou Medical University, Guangzhou, China
Interests: Pathologic physiology
Special Issue Information

The field of personalized organ production holds immense significance in the realm of healthcare and biotechnology, offering revolutionary solutions to address critical issues in organ transplantation, personalized medicine, and the treatment of various health conditions. Bioprinting stands at the forefront of transformative technologies in organ engineering, offering new opportunities in the field. This special issue is poised to provide a perspective on the recent developments, challenges, and future prospects in bioprinting for personalized organ production. The focus extends to exploring novel biomaterials and bioinks, critical components in the precision and success of bioprinting processes, ensuring structural integrity, biocompatibility, and functionality of the printed organs. 

Tissue engineering; Regenerative medicine; Organ engineering; Bioprinting
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