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3D Bioprinting Hydrogels and Organ-On-Chip

Submission deadline: 28 February 2023
Special Issue Editors
Anayancy Osorio-Madrazo
University of Freiburg
Interests: 3D bioprinting; Hydrogels; Organ-on-a-chip; Microextrusion/extrusion-based bioprinting; Drop-on-demand; Light-assisted bioprinting; Polymer physical chemistry; Materials physics
Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues

Generating functional tissue models that mimic aspects of cell 3D microenvironments is challenging. This may be addressed by combining 3D bioprinting of bioinspired biomaterials and microfluidic technology to develop organ-on-chip models. The hierarchical structure and complicated self-regeneration of complex tissues make difficult the engineering of platforms that mimic tissue microstructure-function relationship in vitro. The 3D bioprinting of hybrid tissue models is an emerging and powerful technology to achieve the biofabrication of tissue and organ models.

This special issue is oriented to all types of design and characterization of 3D bioprinting and organ-on-chip platforms, with printed tissue models and/or miniaturized microfluidics, to approach biological and physiological parameters of the in vivo tissue counterparts. Special attention will be given but will not be limited to the development of biocompatible hydrogel polymer bio-inks and microsystems engineering setups to achieve relevant functional tissues, by having understanding on material science and technological applications.

3D bioprinting; hydrogels
microextrusion/ extrusion-based bioprinting
light-assisted bioprinting
tissue 3D printing
tissue engineering
cell culture
spheroids and organoids
Published Paper (2 Papers)

Development of a low-cost quad-extrusion 3D bioprinting system for multi-material tissue constructs

Ralf Zgeib, Xiaofeng Wang, Ahmadreza Zaeri, Fucheng Zhang, ... Robert C. Chang
IJB 2024, 10(1), 0159
(This article belongs to the Special Issue 3D Bioprinting Hydrogels and Organ-On-Chip)

Application of biomaterial-based three-dimensional bioprinting for organ-on-a-chip fabrication

Joeng Ju Kim, Mihyeon Bae, Jongmin Kim, Dong-Woo Cho
IJB 2024, 10(1), 1972
(This article belongs to the Special Issue 3D Bioprinting Hydrogels and Organ-On-Chip)
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