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Henan International Joint Laboratory for Nuclear Protein Regulation

Introduction: Henan International Joint Laboratory for Nuclear Protein Regulation was established in December 2017. The director of the laboratory, Prof. Xinying, Ji, is the vice president of Henan Medical School and the doctoral supervisor at the School of Basic Medical Science, Henan University. He has served as a postdoctoral researcher and the assistant professor at Harvard Medical School for nearly ten years. The research group has been approved for 20 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and 21 patents. It has published nearly 120 SCI papers and the citation rate has reached more than 3,000 times. The team has successively recruited more than 80 full-time master students, 8 foreign doctoral students, 9 master students, 2 postdoctoral fellows and 15 doctoral students have been recruited by well-known universities.

Research Fields: 1.Functional research and development of novel nuclear protein—PCNP. 2.Research and application of perylene bisimide derivative molecules. 3. The therapeutic mechanism of hydrogen sulfide in tumor and other diseases. 4. Molecular mechanisms of infection-induced diaphragm weakness.

Prospects: The laboratory will fully develop and utilize these three molecules: PCNP, perylene bisimide derivative molecules and H2S to make major breakthroughs in the pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of certain tumors (such as liver cancer, lung cancer, and esophageal cancer). The laboratory will hold the forum on nuclear protein and tumor research, invite renowned experts to promote the research , strengthen cooperation and communication with other scholars so as to create a first-class “nuclear protein research center” with international influence in Henan province.




Henan Provincial Strategic Alliance of Industrial Technology Innovation for Precision Medicine against Tumor