Gene & Protein in Disease
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Gene & Protein in Disease (GPD) is an international journal for molecular and translational medicine. The journal primarily focuses on publishing investigations on the molecular bases and experimental therapeutics of human diseases. Publication formats include full length research article, review article, short communication, correspondence, perspectives, commentary, views on news, and research watch.


Recent insights into USP7: Construct, pathophysiology, and inhibitors

Yuanming He, Yueya Zhong, Yiqian Wang, Xinliang Mao
13 Download 85 Views

Exosomes: A bridge of periodontitis and systemic diseases

Jing Xu, Xin Chang, Huixin Zhang, Mengying Si, ... Yuankun Zhai
19 Download 101 Views

Fluorescence imaging-guided photothermal therapy of asymmetric water-soluble pentamethine cyanine for colorectal cancer

Kun Tang, Shuangshuang Jia, Yaxin Zou, Jiaheng Dong, ... Lei Zhang
41 Download 109 Views

Constructing human genetic disease database in Bangladesh

Fariya Akter, Yusha Araf, Saeed Anwar, Mohammad Jakir Hosen, Chunfu Zheng
51 Download 229 Views
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