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Gene & Protein in Disease publishes rigorously peer-reviewed and high quality original articles and authoritative reviews that focus on the latest development in multidisciplinary areas in biology and biomedicine, with an emphasis on gene and protein research. The journal has worldwide authorship, and a broad scope in basic and translational biomedical research of genetics, biochemistry, biophysics, oncology, immunology, cell biology, molecular biology, developmental biology, microbiology, neuroscience, stem cell, protein science, structural biology, regenerative medicine and translational medicine.

The topics of interest to Gene & Protein in Disease include but not limited to cancer, congenital disease, birth defect, rare diseases, single and complex diseases, ageing, chronic disease, cognitive development and dementia, as well as human health conditions from health to suboptimal health and illness at individual to community/population levels from the perspectives of preventive, predicative and personalised/precision medicine.

The spectrum of Gene & Protein in Disease also covers the topics related to both the basic and translational sciences which aim to develop of gene editing, stem cell therapy, and medical engineering into an understanding and treatment of diseases by exploring the genetic susceptibility, pathogenesis and mechanism of the disease development.

Gene & Protein in Disease welcomes contributions which demonstrate practical usefulness, particularly research that take a multidisciplinary approach and address the real-world challenges of human health conditions that are complex in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and rehabilitation.

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