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With the rapid development of different disciplines, we have set up Column to deeply explore, comprehensively report, and focus on highly innovative and highly academically valuable scientific research results in the research fields covered by each journal. Column brings together the best topics selected by the Editor-in-Chief’s and Editorial Board’s teams based on the future academic trends and the latest research hotspots of different disciplines around the world to publish high-quality scientific research and academic results after soliciting contributions and rigorous peer review.
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Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
Summary: The Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is concerned with research on underlying mechanisms, diagnostics and treatment of mental disorders in all age groups. Special focus is placed on affective disorders, eating disorders and externalizing disorders.
Release date: 2025
Summary: The impact of psychosocial factors and stress on chronic gastrointestinal symptoms is well known, and an increasing amount of evidence-based data have been accumulated. On the other hand, chronic symptoms, typical in chronic gastrointestinal pathology, cause and are associated with emotional, behavioural and cognitive alterations. In a broader sense, psychogastroenterology is also relevant for other conditions where both somatic and psychological changes are involved: inflammatory bowel disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease and non-alcoholic liver disease. Psychological therapy is very important in these pathological conditions. All these aspects concerning the gastrointestinal and nervous systems warrant further investigation in the interest of patients.
Release date: 2024
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Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics, Electronic ISSN: 2972-4414 Published by AccScience Publishing