14 May 2024
Recruitment of Young Editorial Board from Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics
To promote the innovative advancement of Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics and establish a cutting-garde academic exchange platform, promoting dialogues between young scholars and influential experts in all areas of psychosomatic medicine, the Editorial Office of Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics is actively expanding its Young Editorial Board. We are currently seeking global Youth Editorial Board members through self-recommendation and a rigorous Editorial Board selection process. As a valued member of the Young Editorial Board, you will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with the current board members, a distinguished assembly of globally renowned scholars. This board is dedicated to creating a dynamic academic platform and fostering collaboration within the global research landscape of psychosomatic medicine. We earnestly invite your participation to contribute to this endeavor. Benefits include: Exclusive Two-Year Term: Upon selection, a Young Editorial Board appointment will be conferred for a two-year term. Discounted Registration: Enjoy discounted registration fees when attending various academic activities organized by the journal. Outstanding Recognition: Qualify for the annual selection for Outstanding Young Editorial Board members. Priority Manuscript Processing: Your manuscripts submitted during the term will receive priority processing; accepted articles will be given priority publication. Showcase Excellence: Opportunities for priority recommendation of cover articles in the journal, featuring research video introductions and recent publications in the journal's promotional column. Conference Support: Access the chance to receive journal support for organizing domestic and international academic conferences or forums. Network Exchange: Engage in online or offline editorial meetings and academic seminars to collaborate and exchange ideas with other board members, invited editors, and authors. Path to Editorial Leadership: Making valuable contributions to the journal opens up exciting possibilities for promotion to a regular editorial position. Recruitment Eligibility: Research at top-tier universities, research institutes, or leading technology enterprises worldwide. Demonstrate a commitment to actively participate in manuscript organization, submission, and peer review for the journal. Possess regular experience in reviewing clinical and basic psychosomatics-related journals. Hold a Ph.D. degree or above. Responsibilities of Young Editorial Board Members: Organizing and inviting submissions: Recommend and organize high-quality manuscripts in their responsible fields based on the understanding of outstanding contributors. Peer reviewing: Invite Young Editorial Board members with academic expertise and work experience to serve as subject reviewers for Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics. Academic editing: Invite Young Editorial Board members to participate in academic editing for Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics based on their academic strength, English proficiency, and research interests. Promoting the journal: Conduct promotion and advertising activities for the journal through major academic conferences, events, or other academic channels. Participating in academic activities: Actively participate in Young Editorial Board meetings or jointly organize relevant academic conferences with the journal. Recruitment Focus: Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics is an international academic journal in the field of psychosomatic medicine. The current recruitment focuses on research areas ( Application: To apply for the Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics Young Editorial Board, please complete and submit the Application Form (including personal information, education, main research direction, work experience, and a list of representative publications). Submit the form to the editorial office via email ( You can download the JCBP Young Editorial Board Application Form via the following link: The selection process for Young Editorial Board members includes the following steps: resume submission, initial review by the Editorial Office, approval by the main editorial board, and issuance of appointment letters. Application Deadline: June 30, 2024, via email.
24 November 2023
JCBP was included in the list of journals following the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) Recommendations
We are pleased to announce that Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics (JCBP, Online ISSN: 2972-4414, Publisher: AccScience Publishing) has been listed as a journal that follows the editorial recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) on November 17, 2023 ( The ICMJE is a small working group of general medical journal editors and representatives of selected related organizations working together to improve the quality of medical science and its reporting. In November 2023, under the application of JCBP, the ICMJE listed JCBP as a journal that follows the ICMJE's Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals. This gave us great encouragement and confidence to develop JCBP as a premier, desirable, and transparent international platform for the dissemination of state-of-the-art basic and clinical studies in the breadth of psychosomatic medicine. As an academic publishing platform, JCBP will continuously comply with the guidelines of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), and ICMJE, and endeavor to publish more valuable and scientific research findings to promote scientific innovation.
13 November 2023
Call for Papers 2023: Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics
Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics (JCBP) is a quarterly journal focusing on clinical and basic research on symptoms, assessment, treatment, management, and the mechanism of psychosomatic disorders. The journal provides a platform for researchers to showcase their latest work in Psychosomatics to advance the field. Despite technological advances, gaps exist between research achievement and effective clinical practice. Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics aims to fill these gaps, evolve interdisciplinary collaboration, promote clinical translation, and conceptualize new disease techniques. Journal of Clinical and Basic Psychosomatics covers subject areas, including but not limited to the following: Conceptualization and classification of psychosomatic medicine Mechanism, biological markers, brain images, and treatment studies Psychosomatic reactions, syndromes, disorders, and diseases Psychosomatic disorders treated in general hospitals, including endocrinology, neurology, gastroenterology, dermatology, pain management, oncology, rheumatology, and other departments Psychological evaluation, management, rehabilitation, resilience training, and psychotherapy for general and specific populations during the pandemic Physiological disorders related to psychological factors (eating disorders, sleeping disorders, and sexual dysfunction) Somatic symptoms and related disorders and mental disorders due to somatic disease Stressor-related disorder and psychiatric disorder related to psychosomatic factors (depression, anxiety, obsession, and others) Psychological and molecular mechanisms of placebo effect Traditional Chinese Medicine in psychosomatics Psychotherapy and intervention technologies Nursing and humanistic care Policy, education, models, and public broadcast discussions Extensive case reports We welcome researchers and scholars in related fields to submit manuscripts to JCBP, and we especially encourage multidisciplinary team or department collaborations. JCBP upholds high publishing standards and adheres to rigorous peer reviews before acceptance. Potential authors are encouraged to make submissions through the online submission system: If you have any question about submissions and publications, please contact the Editorial Office at Warm Regards,Editorial OfficeJournal of Clinical and Basic PsychosomaticsAccScience
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