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A Brief Introduction of Zhongda Hospital

  Founded in 1935 as an affiliation to the medical school of the National Central University, Zhongda Hospital Southeast University has gone through several important historical stages including the Teaching Hospital of No.5 Military Medical University of PLA, No.84 Army Hospital of PLA, and the teaching hospital of Nanjing Railway Medical College. 


  With famous scholars and fellows of Chinese Acadamy of Sciences worked or studied here, including Shounan Qi, Sichang Jiang, Disheng Zhang, Shanchu Mu, Yuzhang Yin, Shiwen Wang, Lin He, Huanming Yang, it has a rich cultural foundation and formed a tradition to focus on scientific researches. Through 83 years of development, Zhongda Hospital has grown into a major teaching hospital integrating medical service, education and research. It is the only university affiliated hospital in Jiangsu Province that is directly under the key construction of project 985 and project 211 of the Chinese Ministry of Education, and it is also among the Grade IIIA hospitals in Jiangsu Province accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Health.


  Zhongda Hospital now has 2499 beds (including Zhongda Hospital Jiangbei branch) serving 90,000 inpatients and 1,700,000 outpatients and emergency each year. Among its staffs, 330 have senior professional titles, 277 have PhD degrees, 505 have master degrees, and 166 are professors and associate professors. 79 experts are entitled to special government allowance including National Experts with Remarkable Contributions, National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Jiangsu Provincial Leading Talents, and Jiangsu Provincial Medical Talents. The hospital also has 100 experts serve prestigious positions in National or Provincial professional institutes.

  The hospital has an efficient disciplines echelon including 13 school level Research institutions.

  National Key Clinical Specialties: Intensive Care Unit, Medical Imaging (Radiology);

  Jiangsu Provincial Dominant Disciplines: Medical Technology;

  Jiangsu Provincial Key Disciplines: Clinical Medicine;

  Jiangsu Provincial Clinical Medical Research Center: Medical Imaging and Interventional Radiology, Nephropathy;

  Jiangsu Provincial Specialist Clinic Center: Intensive Care Unit, Interventional Radiotherapy Center

  Jiangsu Provincial Medical Key Disciplines: Medical Imaging and Interventional Radiology, Intensive Care Unit, Vasculocardiology, Nephrology, Hematology;

  Jiangsu Provincial Clinical Key Disciplines (20): Interventional Radiology, General Surgery, Vasculocardiology, Osteology, Hematopathology, Emergency Medicine, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Anesthesiology, Oncology, Intensive Care Unit, Plastic Surgery, Pathology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical Imaging, Urology, Respiratory;

  Post-Doctorate Mobile R&D Base: Clinical Medicine;

  Doctoral Programs of Grade A Discipline: Clinical Medicine.

  In recent years, the interdisciplinary integration with Southeast University has spawned new fields of growth and advantage. Zhongda Hospital is undertaking an array of research projects supported by the NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China), the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the Municipal Government. In last three years, 100 major researches have been supported by the National 973, the National 863, the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and the NSFC; along with 300 other researches at all levels, Zhongda Hospital was funded more than 100 million RMB. As a cradle for scientific minds, the hospital has achieved more than 100 prizes including Second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, First prize in Natural Science by Ministry of Education, First Prize in Chinese Medical Science and Technology, and Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Prizes; published more than 500 SCI research papers and more than 1500 publications on core journals.


  Zhongda Hospital has always been striving to improve quality of medical service and apply new clinical technology, in order to offer our patients first-class services. Our specialties excel at ICU, imaging diagnosis, cardiovascular diseases, interventional therapy, CBP, minimally invasive treatment for spinal diseases, Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation, external ear reconstruction, ASAP, and NICU, among which some are nationally or internationally renowned. We also distinguish at fundamental researches on molecular imaging, post-stroke depression, organ fibrosis, and ALI.

  Zhongda Hospital is well installed with advanced equipments worth 550 million RMB, including 512 layers CT, PET-CT, 3.0T MRI, 1.5T MRI, Flat-Plate DSA, Linear Accelerator, Full-field Digital Mammography and other high quality equipment.


  Zhongda Hospital continuously works on promoting international collaboration by holding international conferences and organizing study-abroad programs; and we established relations with hospitals and medical schools from the United States, Germany, the Great Britain, Japan, France, Belgium and Singapore. The hospital has been awarded honorary titles by both central and local government. We’ve always put our patients’ need as our top priority.

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