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3D Food Inks: Physicochemical Properties, Product development, Structure-functionality and Safety

Submission deadline: 31 August 2023
Special Issue Editors
Young Hoon Jung
Kyungpook National University
Interests: Biomaterials; Alternative food; Upcycling
Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues:

In the transition of food industry from mass production to personalization, three-dimensional (3D) food printing is recognized as the most feasible way of customized and automation technology. However, 3D printed food is still far a way to be commercialized mainly because of restrictions in materials (i.e. 3D food inks). With diversification of the ink materials as well as with unprecedented modifications during processing and cooking, 3D printing as a processing way might induce various physical and chemical changes to final food products, in both positive and negative directions. Thus, it is important to investigate how closely connected 3D ink with 3D printing process and cooking process.

In this special issue, we aim at covering recent progress and novel applications in the field of 3D food printing. Manuscript should address advances in researches (or reviews) on new concept of 3D food inks, processing and characterization of 3D food inks, modifications of 3D food inks with 3D printing processing and/or cooking processing in terms of food properties, food safety, and structure-property-application relationships. Also, any closed topics contributing to more nutritional, palatable and sustainable food systems such as alternative foods will be covered.

3D Food Ink
3D Food Printing
3D Bioprinting
Alternative Food
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