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Nano-enabled 3D bioprinting for various tissue engineering

Submission deadline: 10 August 2023
Special Issue Editors
Dong-Wook HAN
College of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, Pusan National University (PNU), Busan, Korea
Interests: Biomaterials; Tissue engineering; Regenerative medicine; Medical device; Nanotechnology
Ki Su Kim
Pusan National University
Interests: Biomaterials; Nanomedicine; 3D bioprinting
Special Issue Information

3D bioprinting technology is being used in various biomedical applications. These days, 3D bioprinting technology converged with nanotechnology is attracting more attention. In particular, as nanotechnology is applied to bioink used for 3D bioprinting, it is being used for various tissue engineering applications, and the cost reduction due to the increase in the utility of these two technologies is meeting various biomedical needs. This special issue aims to cover and provide an overview of these technologies and their integration. Topics include, but not limited to: bioactive nanomaterials, fabrication of complicated tissue, recapitulation of organ functions, modeling for 3D bioprinting.

bioactive nanomaterials
fabrication of complicated tissue
recapitulation of organ functions
modeling for 3D bioprinting
Published Paper (2 Papers)

Multiscale 3D bioprinting for the recapitulation of lung tissue

Pengbei Fan, Fanli Jin, Yanqin Qin, Yuanyuan Wu, ... Jiansheng Li
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Nano-enabled 3D bioprinting for various tissue engineering)

3D-bioprinted cell-laden blood vessel with dual drug delivery nanoparticles for advancing vascular regeneration

Eun Ji Lee, Jaewoo Choi, Hye Ji Lim, Deokhyeon Yoon, ... Sang-Mo Kwon
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1857
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Nano-enabled 3D bioprinting for various tissue engineering)
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