Microbes & Immunity
Electronic ISSN: 3029-2883
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Microbes & Immunity is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the understanding of the interactions between microbes and the immune system. The journal provides an open access publishing platform for researchers, clinicians, and scientists to disseminate their original research, reviews, and perspectives related to various aspects of microbes and immunity. The journal aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange in the fields of microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases, and related disciplines.


The biological characteristic and therapeutic prospect of bladder cancer stem cells

Liqi Yin, Zongyi Shen, Nan Zhang, Lu Ying, ... Zhao Yang

Klebsiella pneumoniae-related rare multi-site infections: A case series

Shanshan Jin, Yu Zhang, Lina Zhao, Qiuping Huang, ... Ruilan Wang

An ATP-free packaging of T4 DNA

Seiko Hara
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