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3D Tissue Engineering and Bioprinting for Emerging Applications

Submission deadline: 10 April 2023
Special Issue Editors
Swee Leong Sing
Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Interests: Additive manufacturing; 3D printing; 3D bioprinting; Powder bed fusion; Selective laser melting
Special Issue Information

The advancement of 3D printing, or formally known as additive manufacturing, has led to expansion of these techniques in various applications. Tissue engineering, as a biomedical engineering discipline that combines cells with materials processing and methods, has been a popular application for 3D printing due to its capability to fabricate scaffolds with complex but controlled geometries that are previously not possible. Interestingly, 3D bioprinting is often seen as an extension of tissue engineering in which biological constructs are fabricated directly without the need of scaffolds.

In this special issue, state-of-the-art reviews and original articles reporting current research results, which focus on new and emerging applications of 3D tissue engineering and bioprinting, will be collected. These include but are not limited to applications in organ-in-chips, microfluidics, electronics, food, and sustainability. Submissions related to novel designs, processes or characterization methods relating to tissue engineering and bioprinting are also welcomed. 

additive manufacturing
3D printing
3D bioprinting
tissue engineering
Published Paper (1 Paper)

Three-dimensional printing as a cutting-edge, versatile and personalizable vascular stent manufacturing procedure: Toward tailor-made medical devices

Fatima Garcia-Villen, Fernando López-Zárraga, Cesar Viseras, Sandra Ruiz-Alonso, ... Jose Luis Pedraz
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