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Innovative Tissue and Diseases Models - Novelties in Bioprinting/3D bioprinting

Submission deadline: 31 July 2024
Special Issue Editors
Franciska Erdô
Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics, Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Budapest, Hungary
Interests: Tissue bioprinting; Disease models; Scaffolds; Bioinks; Tissue engineering; Drug delivery; Biological barriers; Drug penetration
Anna Sebestyen
Department of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungry
Interests: Tissue cell culturing; Disease models; Tumour models and bioprinting; Tumour biology; Tumour metabolism; Tumour heterogeneity
Special Issue Information

In this special issue original research articles, review articles and editorials are all very welcome. The state-of-the-art tissue engineering methods, tissue and disease models with different complexity, new developments in bioprinting technologies and equipments, furthermore evaluation and utilization of the innovative, 3D bioprinted artificial tissue models are in scope of this collection. The bioengineered tissue characterization with physical, mechanical, biochemical, immunological or imaging techniques, histological methods and functional tests can be presented. Manuscripts about the role and the current and future position of bioprinting technologies in the toolbox of preclinical research for drug development, and the possible therapeutic perspectives in e.g. transplantation medicine are also gladly accepted.

3D disease models; Artificial tissues; Tissue heterogeneity; 3D bioprinting; Tumour models; Characterization of in vitro models; Drug development
Published Paper (2 Papers)

Challenges and perspectives of liver tissue engineering: From cell therapy to bioprinting

Julio Rodríguez-Fernández, M. Teresa Donato, Gloria Gallego-Ferrer, Laia Tolosa
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