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Bioprinting strategies for managing skin diseases and injuries

Submission deadline: 01 October 2023
Special Issue Editors
Ali Tamayol
University of Connecticut Health Center
Interests: Bioprinting; Tissue engineering; Biomaterials
Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues:

The human skin is the largest organ in the human body, and any damage to this living tissue can result in death, hospitalization, or long-term morbidity. Bioprinting is an emerging technology for the treatment of diseased tissues. Bioprinting has generated promise and has been the subject of numerous research projects focused on the regeneration of diseased or injured skin. This field of study offers and studies the use of biomaterials, cell biology, drug delivery, and additive manufacturing. The goal of this Special Issue is to highlight current breakthroughs in the field of skin tissue engineering with the use of bioprinting and biomaterials. This issue will concentrate on current advances in bioprinting as they pertain to drug administration, disease modeling, wound healing, tissue regeneration, organs-on-chip, and wound monitoring. We encourage both original research and critical review studies, as well as brief commentary, for inclusion in this special issue.

Wound Healing
Skin Tissue Engineering
Drug Delivery
Wound Monitoring
Disease Modelling
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