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Advances in 3D bioprinting based on lab-on-a-chip platforms for precision oncology

Submission deadline: 13 March 2023
Special Issue Editors
Juan Antonio Marchal Corrales
University of Granada
Interests: Cancer stem cells; Metastasis-on-a-chip; Bioinks; Biomaterials; Regenerative engineering; Nanomedicine; 3D bioprinting; Stem cells
Joaquim Miguel Antunes Correia de Oliveira
University of Minho -- 3B´s Research Group
Interests: Regenerative medicine; Nanotechnology; Tissue engineering; Complex in vitro models
Gema Jiménez González
University of Granada
Interests: Bioprinting
Special Issue Information

In recent years, biomedical engineering has been centered in the development and improvement of bioprinting systems and, more recently, in microfluidic systems and lab-on-a-chip platforms. The biofabrication of these devices, and the microenvironments that they host, are also favored by the generation of new biomaterials with advanced biological and mechanical properties and bioprinting capabilities. The area of cancer has greatly benefited from these novel advances, both to further analyze the intrinsic biology of tumors and metastases, and to evaluate personalized therapeutic strategies and  the potential of new treatments in more realistic and biomimetic environments.

This Special Issue aims to present these novel advances in biofabrication to generate tumor/metastatic/multiorgan-on-a-chip models that integrate a tumor microenvironment (at the cellular and extracellular level) similar to the native tumor. Also, of special interest is the analysis of the functionality of these devices for the approach of therapeutic strategies and the generation of in-silico models.

Therapeutic strategies
extracellular matrix
3D bioprinting
4D bioprinting
in-silico modell
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