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3D printing for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Submission deadline: 30 January 2024
Special Issue Editors
Valentina Onesto
Institute of Nanotechnology, National Research Council (CNR-NANOTEC), Italy
Interests: Biomedical engineering; Biomaterials; Biomechanics; Nanotechnology; Computer modelling and simulation; Nanofabrication; Microfabrication
Giuliana Grasso
Institute of Nanotechnology, National Research Council (CNR-NANOTEC), Italy
Interests: Bioink; Hydrogel; Synthesis; Formulation; Stimuli-responsive materials; Drug delivery systems; Bioapplications
Stefania Forciniti
Institute of Nanotechnology, National Research Council (CNR-NANOTEC), Italy
Interests: Biomolecular medicine; Biomaterial science; 3D culture models; Cancer research; Tumor microenvironment
Special Issue Information

Three-dimensional (3D) printing, one of the most popular additive manufacturing technologies, has demonstrated a tremendous potential in creating functional constructs mimicking native tissue for repair and/or replacement of damaged tissues or whole organs. The recent advances in bioprinting technologies and innovative formulations of biomaterials have opened more opportunities in the general bioengineering field. The editors welcome state-of-the-art research papers and the most current review papers focusing on (but not limited to) the following topics:


• Development and optimization of 3D bioprinting process, including 4D bioprinting;

• Development of biocompatible bioinks for engineering 3D cellular microenvironment and for the fabrication of bio-functional scaffold and substrates;

• Novel biochemical approaches to build complex cellular microenvironments;

• Molecular analysis of bioprinted constructs;

• 3D printed bio-sensors;

• In situ bioprinting;

• Mathematical modeling of bioprinting processes.


This Special Issue is intended to publish cutting-edge research to benefit readers such as biomedical researchers, materials scientists, clinicians, physicians, and a broader readership interested in 3D bioprinting.

3D printing
additive manufacturing
tissue engineering
tissue regeneration
Published Paper (3 Papers)

3D bioprinting for vascular grafts and microvasculature

Junpeng Zhu, Xinwang Wang, Lin Lin, Wen Zeng
(This article belongs to the Special Issue 3D printing for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine)

Vascularization strategies for human skin tissue engineering via 3D bioprinting

Arvind Kumar Shukla, Dongjun Lee, Sik Yoon, Minjun Ahn, Byoung Soo Kim
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