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Volume 10 Issue 2 2024
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2D/3D-printed PEDOT/PSS conductive hydrogel for biomedical sensors

Bin Huang, Zengjie Zhao, Yayu Zheng, Kaidi Xu, ... Huangqin Chen
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1725
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Advances in 3D printing of hydrogels)

Advances in tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting for corneal regeneration

Tamás Monostori, Diána Szűcs, Borbála Lovászi, Lajos Kemény, Zoltán Veréb
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1669

Decellularized extracellular matrix for three-dimensional bioprinted in vitro disease modeling

Mihyeon Bae, Joeng Ju Kim, Jongmin Kim, Dong-Woo Cho
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1970
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Fine-tuned Hydrogels for 3D Bioprinting)

DNA-functionalized hyaluronic acid bioink in cartilage engineering: a perspective

Mengmeng Li, Yan Wu, Miaomiao Wang, Wencai Zhang, ... Jiacan Su
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1814
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Application of 3D bioprinting materials: Hyaluronic acid-based bioink)

Recent developments and challenges of 3D bioprinting technologies

Ximin Yuan, Zhenjia Wang, Lixin Che, Xushuai Lv, ... Bin Guo
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1752
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Advances in bioprinting technologies)

Effect of lattice type on biomechanical and osseointegration properties of 3D-printed porous Ti6Al4V scaffolds

Jiantao Liu, Kao Wang, Runqing Wang, Zhanhai Yin, ... Jing Ren
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1698
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Advancements in 3D bioprinting applied to musculoskeletal tissues)

Decellularized porcine kidney-incorporated hydrogels for cell-laden bioprinting of renal cell carcinoma model

Miaoben Wu, Hangyu Zhou, Jingying Hu, Zonghuan Wang, ... Tiantian Ren
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1413
(This article belongs to the Special Issue 3D Bioprinting for Tumor Modeling)

3D-bioprinted cell-laden blood vessel with dual drug delivery nanoparticles for advancing vascular regeneration

Eun Ji Lee, Jaewoo Choi, Hye Ji Lim, Deokhyeon Yoon, ... Sang-Mo Kwon
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1857
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Nano-enabled 3D bioprinting for various tissue engineering)

Development of 3D-bioprinted artificial blood vessels loaded with rapamycin-nanoparticles for ischemic repair

Jaewoo Choi, Eun Ji Lee, Hye Ji Lim, Dong Myoung Lee, ... Sang-Mo Kwon
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1465
(This article belongs to the Special Issue 3D printing of bioinspired materials)

Manufacturing evaluation of seven medical device companies during the production of a 3D-printed titanium pelvic implant

Alba González Álvarez, Rubén Pérez Mañanes, José Antonio Calvo Haro, Lydia Mediavilla Santos, Javier Pascau
IJB 2024, 10(2), 0140

Parametric design and performance study of continuous gradient triply periodic minimal surface bone scaffold

Shuangyu Liu, Jinlong Feng, Fulong Zhang, Weibo Jiang, ... Sen Lu
IJB 2024, 10(2), 2306

Modeling inflammatory response using 3D bioprinting of polarized macrophages  

Nimal Raveendran, Kanchan Vaswani, Pingping Han, Saraswat Basu, ... Sašo Ivanovski
IJB 2024, 10(2), 2116

Melt-electrowriting of 3D anatomically relevant scaffolds to recreate a pancreatic acinar unit in vitro

Viola Sgarminato, Michela Licciardello, Gianluca Ciardelli, Chiara Tonda-Turo
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1975
(This article belongs to the Special Issue 3D Bioprinting for Tumor Modeling)

Bioprinting with adipose stem cells and hydrogel modified with bioactive glass

Krishna C.R. Kolan, Apurv Saxena, Bradley A. Bromet, Lesa B. Steen, ... Ming C. Leu
IJB 2024, 10(2), 2057

Evaluating the clinical benefit and acceptance of a bespoke 3D-printed splint for the treatment of mallet finger injury: A pilot study in a cohort of patients

Una M. Cronin, Aidan O’Sullivan, Margo Sheerin, Kevin J. O’Sullivan, ... Leonard W. O’Sullivan
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1963

Bioprinted autologous human skin equivalents for in vitro testing of therapeutic antibodies

Mahid Ahmed, David Hill, Shaheda Ahmed, Stefan Przyborski, ... Anne Dickinson
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1851

Oozing: An accessible technique to create 3D-printed scaffolds suitable for tissue engineering

Juan Crespo-Santiago, Luis M. Delgado, Rafa Madariaga, Laia Millan, ... Marta Otero-Viñas
IJB 2024, 10(2), 2337

Bottom-up and top-down VAT photopolymerization bioprinting for rapid fabrication of multi-material microtissues

Daniel Nieto, Alberto Jorge de Mora, Maria Kalogeropoulou, Anant Bhusal, ... Lorenzo Moroni
IJB 2024, 10(2), 1017
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Advanced light-based bioprinting)
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