Advances in Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine
Electronic ISSN: 2972-4392
Date of Foundation: 2022-10-18
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Advances in Radiotherapy & Nuclear Medicine (ARNM) is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal that aims to publish and disseminate novel research in the breadth of radiation oncology, physics, and biology. The journal aims to advance our understanding in the radiotherapy and provide a platform to oncologists and physicians to showcase their findings in original fundamental and clinical research as well as to present new ideas that highlight the changes in the radiation oncological clinical practice.


Unveiling the relationship between the SUVmax of 18F-FDG PET/CT and patient and tumor characteristics

Nishant Lohia, Sirshendu Ghosh, Sankalp Singh, Indranil Sinha, ... Gaurav Trivedi
16 Download 220 Views

Advancements and challenges in interstitial brachytherapy using iodine-125 seeds

Liting Xiong, Yuhan Yang, Mengyuan Li, Ping Jiang, ... Junjie Wang
62 Download 952 Views
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