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Novel developments in cancer therapy utilizing combinatorial approaches of radiotherapy and immunotherapy

Submission deadline: 15 December 2024
Special Issue Editors
Eric C. Ko
Department of Radiation Oncology, UMass Chan Medical School and UMass Memorial Medical Center, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Interests: Radiation oncology; Thoracic oncology; Immunotherapy; SBRT
Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

In recent years, clinical oncology has enjoyed rapid advances on multiple fronts, both with respect to the range of therapeutics and the indications for their use. Within radiation oncology, the adoption of image guidance and stereotactic approaches have increased therapeutic opportunities significantly. This has coincided with the expanding indications for immunotherapy across multiple solid malignancies. At the junction are combinatorial approaches that leverage the unique strengths of each, a potential advantage for challenging cases such as oligometastatic or oligorecurrent disease. For this special issue, we would like to invite contributors to assess the current state of the field and to provide their insights on potential future directions. We welcome contributions of primary research papers, meta-analyses, and review articles.

Radiation therapy
Stereotactic body radiation therapy
Image-guided radiation therapy
Non-small cell lung carcinoma
Small cell lung carcinoma
Multimodality therapy
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