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Advanced Neurology is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal that aims to publish and disseminate novel research in the breadth of neurology and neuroscience. The journal aims to advance our understanding in the nervous system and provide a platform to neuroscientists and physicians to showcase their findings in original fundamental and clinical research as well as to present new ideas that highlight the changes in the neurological clinical practice.


Associations of common variants in TAAR5, OR6C70, and GBA with hyposmia in Han Chinese individuals with Parkinson’s disease

Yi-Lun Ge, Pu-Zhi Wang, Jia-Hui Yan, Wen Li, ... Chun-Feng Liu
Advanced Neurology 2022, 1(2), 71;
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Target molecular-based neuroactivity screening of Panax ginseng through network pharmacology integrated molecular docking

Mizna Javed, Munaza Ijaz, Manal Buabeid, Ghulam Murtaza
Advanced Neurology 2022, 1(2), 44;
37 Download 149 Views

Inaugural editorial: A new journey into neurology and neuroscience

Yun Xu, Anthony Rudd
Advanced Neurology 2022, 1(1), 53;
65 Download 167 Views

Transient receptor potential melastatin 2 channels in neurological disorders: Mechanisms and animal models

Joe Steinman, Andrea Ovcjak, Zhengwei Luo, Xinyang Zhang, ... Zhong-Ping Feng
Advanced Neurology 2022, 1(1), 3;
49 Download 116 Views

Decreased cortical thickness and normal regional homogeneity underlying cognitive impairment in cerebral small vessel disease

Yuting Mo, Lili Huang, Ruomeng Qin, Kelei He, ... Qing Ye
Advanced Neurology 2022, 1(1), 48;
58 Download 165 Views
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