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Revolutionizing Bioprinting: Next-generation Strategies and Solutions

Submission deadline: 01 March 2025
Special Issue Editors
Seung Yun Nam
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Pukyong National University, Busan, Korea
Interests: Bioprinting; Biofabrication; Rheology
Special Issue Information

This issue highlights cutting-edge bioprinting techniques that are enhancing tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. It delves into groundbreaking methods that enable precise control over biomaterial deposition and cellular organization, pushing the boundaries of bioprinting technology. From innovative bioink formulations to multi-material printing approaches, researchers are unlocking new possibilities in constructing functional tissue constructs. Showcasing bioprinting advancements integrated with promising techniques including machine learning aims to enhance the precision and efficiency of bioprinting processes. Through fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, this issue accelerates the translation of bioprinting technologies from lab to clinic, reshaping healthcare and biotechnology. It provides a comprehensive overview of bioink development and advanced printing methods to revolutionize bioprinting.

Novel bioprinting techniques; Innovative bioinks; Integrated bioprinting
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International Journal of Bioprinting, Electronic ISSN: 2424-8002 Print ISSN: 2424-7723, Published by AccScience Publishing