International Journal of AI for Materials and Design
Date of Foundation: 2023-08-24
Editor-in-Chief: Wai Yee Yeong View Editorial Board

In recent years, the tremendous progress in AI is leading a radical shift of AI research from a mainly academic endeavor to a much broader field with increasing industrial and governmental investments. The maturation of AI technology brings about a step change in the scientific research of various domains, especially in the world of materials and design. Machine learning (ML) algorithms enable researchers to analyze extensive datasets on material properties and accurately predict their behavior in different conditions. This subsequently impact the industry to leverage on big data and advanced analytics to build scientific strategies, scale operational performance of processes and drive innovation. In addition, AI and ML are uniquely positioned to enable advanced manufacturing technologies across the value chain of different industries. Integration of multiple and complementary AI techniques, such as ML, search, reasoning, planning, and knowledge representation, will further accelerate advances in scientific discoveries, engineering excellence and the future of cyber-physical systems manufacturing.

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