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With the rapid development of different disciplines, we have set up Column to deeply explore, comprehensively report, and focus on highly innovative and highly academically valuable scientific research results in the research fields covered by each journal. Column brings together the best topics selected by the Editor-in-Chief’s and Editorial Board’s teams based on the future academic trends and the latest research hotspots of different disciplines around the world to publish high-quality scientific research and academic results after soliciting contributions and rigorous peer review.
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Artificial Intelligence for Disease Detection and Diagnosis
Summary: In recent years, research on artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in disease detection and diagnosis has been gaining traction. Artificial intelligence methods such as machine learning (ML), deep learning, and convolutional neural networks offer efficient ways to classify, recognize, cluster, predict, and detect anomalies in complex medical data. This column covers the research based on artificial intelligence techniques to diagnose numerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, skin disease, liver disease, brain cancer, and parkinson.  
Release date: 2024
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Artificial Intelligence in Health, Electronic ISSN: 3029-2387 Published by AccScience Publishing