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Date of Foundation: 2022-03-10
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Tumor Discovery is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal that aims to present new cancer research with strong emphasis on fundamental and translational studies. Tumor Discovery covers topics such as etiology and pathogenesis of cancer, mechanisms and molecular pathways underlying cancer initiation and progression, tumor metastasis, etc.


A case report of aggressive sebaceous carcinoma of the scalp

Sunil V. Jagtap, Swati S. Jagtap, Shefali Mishra, Kaushiki Varshney, Shuchita Gaur
Tumor Discovery 2022, 1(2), 203; https://doi.org/10.36922/td.v1i2.203
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Facts and challenges of immunotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer

Xuehai Wang, Fengxu Wang, Weiyi Xia, Siyuan Deng, ... Xinyuan Zhao
Tumor Discovery 2022, 1(2), 196; https://doi.org/10.36922/td.v1i2.196
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Benefits and harms of screening: Overdiagnosis and anticipatory medicine – A secondary publication

Antonio Zarazaga Monzon, Ángeles Franco-López, Jesús M. Culebras
Tumor Discovery 2022, 1(2), 228; https://doi.org/10.36922/td.v1i2.228
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