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Recruitment of Young Editorial Board from Brain & Heart
26 February 2024
To promote the innovative advancement of Brain & Heart and establish an cutting-garde academic exchange platform, promoting dialogues between young scholars and influential experts in the field of neurocardiology, the Editorial Office of Brain & Heart is actively expanding its Young Editorial Board. We are currently seeking global Youth Editorial Board members through self-recommendation and a rigorous Editorial Board selection process.

As a valued member of the Young Editorial Board, you will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with the current board members, a distinguished assembly of globally renowned scholars. This board is dedicated to creating a dynamic academic platform and fostering collaboration within the global research landscape of neurocardiology. We earnestly invite your participation to contribute to this endeavor.

1. Benefits include:

  • Exclusive Two-Year Term: Upon selection, a Young Editorial Board appointment will be conferred for a two-year term.
  • Discounted Registration: Enjoy discounted registration fees when attending various academic activities organized by the journal.
  • Outstanding Recognition: Qualify for the annual selection for Outstanding Young Editorial Board members.
  • Priority Manuscript Processing: Your manuscripts submitted during the term will receive priority processing; accepted articles will be given priority publication.
  • Showcase Excellence: Opportunities for priority recommendation of cover articles in the journal, featuring research video introductions and recent publications in the journal's promotional column.
  • Conference Support: Access the chance to receive journal support for organizing domestic and international academic conferences or forums.
  • Network Exchange: Engage in online or offline editorial meetings and academic seminars to collaborate and exchange ideas with other board members, invited editors, and authors.
  • Path to Editorial Leadership: Making valuable contributions to the journal opens up exciting possibilities for promotion to a regular editorial position.

2. Recruitment Eligibility:

  • Research at top-tier universities, research institutes, or leading technology enterprises worldwide.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to actively participate in manuscript organization, submission, and peer review for the journal.
  • Possess regular experience in reviewing neurocardiology-related journals.
  • Hold a Ph.D. degree or above.

3. Responsibilities of Young Editorial Board Members:

  • Organizing and inviting submissions: Recommend and organize high-quality manuscripts in their responsible fields based on the understanding of outstanding contributors.
  • Peer reviewing: Invite Young Editorial Board members with academic expertise and work experience to serve as subject reviewers for Brain & Heart.
  • Academic editing: Invite Young Editorial Board members to participate in academic editing for Brain & Heart based on their academic strength, English proficiency, and research interests.
  • Promoting the journal: Conduct promotion and advertising activities for the journal through major academic conferences, events, or other academic channels.
  • Participating in academic activities: Actively participate in Young Editorial Board meetings or jointly organize relevant academic conferences with the journal.

4. Recruitment Focus:

Brain & Heart is an international academic journal focuses on neurocardiology. The current recruitment focuses on research areas (

6. Application:

To apply for the Brain & Heart Young Editorial Board, please complete and submit the Application Form (including personal information, education, main research direction, work experience, and a list of representative publications). Submit the form to the editorial office via email (

You can download the Brain & Heart Young Editorial Board Application Form via the following link:

The selection process for Young Editorial Board members includes the following steps: resume submission, initial review by the Editorial Office, approval by the main editorial board, and issuance of appointment letters.

Application Deadline: August 31, 2024, via email.


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