Materials Science in Additive Manufacturing
Electronic ISSN: 2810-9635
Date of Foundation: 2022-03-06
Editor-in-Chief: Chee Kai Chua View Editorial Board

Materials Science in Additive Manufacturing aims to bridge the cutting-edge research between additive manufacturing and the entire spectrum of materials science. The journal covers all applied and fundamentals of processing, synthesis, structure, composition, properties and performance of materials designed or manipulated for additive manufacturing. The journal covers a wide scope of innovative techniques, processes, methods, and applications.


Developing a sustainable resin for 3D printing in coral restoration

Yukai Jia, Sherin Abdelrahman, Charlotte A.E. Hauser

Effects of aging heat treatment on the mechanical properties of NiTi triply periodic minimal surface

Jinwei Li, Mingkang Zhang, Jie Chen, Chang Liu, ... Mingjian Deng
Special Issues

Field-assisted additive manufacturing: Achieving finer microstructure and higher performance

Guest Editors: Wei Guo , Yongle Sun
Submission deadline: 31 December 2024

In-situ strengthening in metal additive manufacturing

Guest Editors: Yuchao Bai , Wenyou Zhang
Submission deadline: 31 August 2024

Additive manufacturing of metal materials

Guest Editors: Changyong Chen , Ze Pu
Submission deadline: 20 August 2024
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