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Cultural Characteristics and Application of Adaptive Inheritance Technology to Traditional Chinese Rural Areas

Submission deadline: 30 January 2024
Special Issue Editors
Xiaoxiang Tang
South China University of Technology, China
Interests: Architectural History and Theory; Architectural HeritagePreservation; Architectural Aesthetics; Aesthetics of Landscape Architecture; Lingnan Traditional Dwellings
Cheng Wei
South China University of Technology, China
Interests: Urban and Regional Planning; Urban and Rural Development Policy and system; Rural Planning Theory and Design; Traditional Settlement Conservation
Special Issue Information

China's traditional rural areas have preserved the largest and most representative agricultural and cultural heritage in the world, with remarkable values of regional history, folklore, and art.  In recent years, with the rapid advancement of urbanization and the wave of rural construction triggered by the background of rural revitalization, the protection and inheritance of traditional rural culture has been greatly impacted. Due to the obvious regional differences of China's rural areas, its cultural protection and inheritance have the needs of diversified life and space utilization in different regions. How to develop regionally adapted conservation and utilization techniques according to the rural cultural characteristics and rural development needs of different regions is an urgent issue facing the inheritance of traditional rural regional culture in China.

Consequently, this Special Issue (SI) focuses on the regional cultural characteristics of Chinese villages and their conservation and inheritance technology applications, including the adaptive relationship between the indoor physical environment and regional climate characteristics of traditional dwellings, the way to combine regional culture with modern green building technology, the regional adaptive construction methods of new rural buildings, and the regional adaptive protection strategies of traditional villages (groups) in different regions. This SI can provide reference for scientific rural cultural value cognition and adaptive protection and utilization techniques.

Traditional Chinese Rural Areas
Cultural Characteristics
Adaptive Inheritance Technology
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