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The Journal of Chinese Architecture and Urbanism (JCAU) is an international peer-reviewed academic journal which publishes original research articles, review articles, reports, viewpoints, book notes, and book reviews. The Journal presents new and original results of research, and provides a platform for discussion and debate relating to architectural heritage preservation, resilience and cultural sustainability of modern vernacular architecture in the Chinese context, as well as the cultural influence of Chinese architecture worldwide, past and present.


Temporal and spatial characteristics of carbon storage and its response to land-use change in Chengdu, China

Yuxin Cai, Changliu Wang, Yuan Zhou, Dejie Deng
Journal of Chinese Architecture and Urbanism, 3069
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Regional Green Building)
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Guest Editors: Zhao Wei , Fei Chen
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Submission deadline: 31 December 2024

Low-carbon architecture and related sustainable design

Guest Editor: Shuai Zhang
Submission deadline: 20 October 2024
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