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Chinese Cities of Tomorrow: Computing and Prototyping Intelligent Forms of Future Urbanism

Submission deadline: 20 June 2024
Special Issue Editors
Tom Verebes
New York Institute of Technology, United States
Interests: Computational urbanism; Experimental practices; Innovation; Design research
Special Issue Information

This guest-edited issue will survey a range of ubiquitous design principles, methods, and practices, with a lens on the particular Chineseness of their consequences, offering cogent speculations on the future of urbanism in China. Urbanisation has been China’s great experiment of the last four decades.  Amidst the unprecedented rapid rate of urban change in China, Chinese cities are now defined as continuously urbanised regions. The complexities of planning and design , monitoring and management, all point to a fundamental reconsideration of how Chinese cities can be conceived, designed, maintained, controlled, and interacted with by stakeholders with Chinese cultural characteristics. At the vast scale of China’s urban landscape, non-human agency is accelerating, through new techniques and processes, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, rooted in large quantities of data on the behavior of urban citizens interacting within urban systems and spaces. The leading edge of applications of these technologies in China is creating uniquely contemporary urban phenomena and conditions.

Computational urbanism
smart cities
artificial intelligence
data science
Published Paper (2 Papers)

RuiXue Multi-Hall-Human machine collaboration in reciprocal structures

Philip F. Yuan, Yueyang Wang, Tianyi Gao, Yingzi Hu
Journal of Chinese Architecture and Urbanism 2024, 6(2), 1635
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