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Urban thermal environment and climate change

Submission deadline: 15 October 2024
Special Issue Editors
Zhi Cai
Zhejiang Gongshang University, school of tourism and urban-rural planning
Interests: Urban planning; GIS; Urban microclimate; Urban morphology
Guifeng Han
Chongqing University, school of architecture and urban planning
Interests: Urban planning; Urban microclimate; GIS
Huanchun Huang
Nanjing forestry university, College of Landscape Architecture
Interests: Urban heat island, Environment health,Urban simulation
Special Issue Information

Under the background of global warming and rapid urbanization, Chinese cities are facing numerous challenges in addressing climate issues, such as extreme heat waves and significant urban heat islands effect. Those challenges severely influenced the quality of human settlement and urban sustainable development. Therefore, there is an urgent need to explore the characteristics of urban climate and uncover its mechanism, so as to provide experiences to promote urban sustainable development. This special issue focuses on climate issues in the Chinese context, the following topics are recommended but are not limited to:

1) Urban thermal environment, such as urban heat islands effect, urban heat vulnerability, extreme heat waves, etc.

2) Urban climate change, such as heavy droughts, extreme precipitation and floods, etc.

3) Urban climate impacts, such as urban systems, human health, etc.

4) Urban Climate adaptation and resilience, such as urban planning mitigation measures, government policies, and so on.

Urban thermal environment
Urban climate
Urban resilience
Chinese cities
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