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Environmental Impact and Health Development in Therapeutic and Pharmacological Research

Submission deadline: 31 March 2023
Special Issue Editors
Ashraf M. E l-Shamy
National research Centre, Egypt
Rajesh Kumar Singh
Affiliated to IK Gujaral Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
Special Issue Information

As the name would suggest, the study of natural products, which includes everything from drugs to enzymes and proteins, focuses on a variety of biochemical, pharmacological, and pharmaceutical processes, such as the synthesis and metabolism in living organisms of a wide range of bioactive substances produced by a wide range of organisms (including microorganisms). This special edition of the journal is a must-have for everyone with an interest in natural product chemistry since it contains a collection of the most important results from Chinese researchers. This special edition delves deeply into the isolation, structure, and properties of natural items. Wet chemistry and spectroscopy examples (UV, IR, mass spectrometry, NMR, notably 2d NMR and HMBC and HMQC), as well as examples from bioactivity and chemical compound synthesis, are all included in this special issue. Examples from these fields are also included. This issue focuses on the following topics in detail. Microorganisms and their products have a chemistry that can be extracted and isolated by extraction and isolation of natural products. Alkaloids, sesquiterpenoids, diterpenes, and saponins are only a few examples of phytochemicals. As previously mentioned, amino acids and peptides are the two main structural subunits of proteins, respectively. Some examples of phytonutrients are flavonoids, anthraquinones, coumarins, and lignans. This study focuses on the structural alteration of active ingredients from traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the chemical synthesis of natural goods. Even while natural products chemistry has yielded a plethora of knowledge and has made significant contributions to human health, industry, and agriculture throughout the years, the world's natural resources have only been largely explored. The natural resources in the world are a potential gold mine for contemporary technology and techniques. Scientists in the domains of natural products chemistry, medicine, biology, and agriculture will keep working to find and utilize new chemical products derived from natural sources as a consequence of the publishing of this special issue.

Natural products chemistry
Structure effect relationship
Drug efficacy
Published Paper (1 Paper)

Inhibitory Potential of Chitosan Derivatives against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2: An In Silico Prospective

Poonam Das, Sabuj Sahoo, Sanatan Majhi, Rout George Kerry, ... Atala Bihari Jena
INNOSC Theranostics and Pharmacological Sciences 2022, 5(2), 32–44;
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