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The Role of Interleukins in the Pathogenesis of Dermatological Immune-Mediated Diseases

Submission deadline: 31 December 2024
Special Issue Editors
Natalia Kordulewska
University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztynie, Poland
Special Issue Information

Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases are primarily characterized by a deregulated expression of cytokines that drive the pathogenesis of these diseases. Monoclonal antibodies against cytokine proteins are used in a number of approved and experimental therapies. Cytokines can be divided into several families, including the interleukins, which are secreted and act on leukocytes, the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) family and chemokine proteins. In this special issue, we would like to focus on the interleukin family of cytokines and their particular role in the development of dermatoses. We are looking for information on the role of each of these interleukins in the immune system and in various dermatologic inflammatory diseases, focusing on the pathogenesis of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. In addition, we would like to shed light on the role of the different interleukins in psychiatric, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal comorbidities in patients diagnosed with dermatoses. Finally, we would like to establish a link to the clinical efficacy and safety data of anti-interleukin therapies in the late phase of treatment of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Overall, further basic and clinical research is needed to fully elucidate the role of different interleukin proteins in the pathogenesis of inflammatory dermatologic diseases and in patient outcomes. Of course, any articles that focus on understanding the immunologic aspects that we observe in skin atopy are welcome. These can be original research articles as well as reviews. Research areas include, but are not limited to: Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, autoinflammatory skin diseases, allergic contact dermatitis, etc.

Atopic dermatitis (AD)
Skin Atopy
Autoinflammatory Skin Diseases
Interleukins (lL’s)
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