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Urban Ecology in the Context of High-Density Urban Environment

Submission deadline: 30 June 2024
Special Issue Editors
Jiazhen Zhang
Faculté d'Architecture et d'Urbanism, Université de Mons, Mons, Belgium
Interests: Landscape Architecture; Industrial Heritage Protection; Spatial Distribution; Cultural Heritage Protection; High-density City
Chenyang Liao
Sichuan University, China
Interests: Urban Ecology; Landscape Architecture; Garden plant
Special Issue Information

Urban ecology research explores methods to maintain ecological balance in high-density urban environments. This issue focuses on urban ecosystems to foster harmonious human and nature coexistence. Through proper spatial planning, protection of green spaces, promotion of sustainable architecture, and other measures, it seeks optimal resource utilization and waste management to reduce environmental stress, improve air quality, enhance biodiversity, and elevate residents' quality of life. Urban ecology research is crucial for sustainable urban development and a key element in creating more livable and pleasant future cities.

Urban Ecology
High-density City
Urban Environment
Ecological Balance
Sustainable Development
Green Spaces
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