Publishing Fee

AccScience Publishing (ASP) promotes open access and open science by adopting the model of charging publishing fees payable by the authors, authors’ affiliated institutions or funding institutions for publishing papers on its academic journals. 

ASP has formulated and implemented a scientific and transparent publication policy and developed a strict publication quality control process to ensure that all published papers are of high publication and academic value. ASP's goal is to effectively bridge the gap in knowledge acquisition to promote open science and human knowledge sharing.

To ensure that the authors' papers are permanently free for readers after they are published in ASP's journals, ASP will set the article processing charge (APC) of all its journals in 2023 according to the following factors: the quality of the journals (to be assessed based on the quality evaluation standards of journals such as JCR Impact Factor, Scopus), the journal editing and publishing technical process, the current landscape of the global academic publishing market and consideration about horizontal competition, as well as comprehensive factors such as ASP's other business income related to academic journals.

In 2023, ASP will regularly review and adjust the APC of each journal, and the APC will vary by journal and be charged when an article is accepted. The APC of each journal will be clearly displayed on the homepage of each journal. For specific information, please refer to the homepage of the journals.