Academic Committee

1. About the AccScience Publishing Academic Committee

The AccScience Publishing Academic Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) is established by AccScience Publishing to innovate and promote the development of international academic publishing, establish an innovative and open scientific and academic publishing platform, and construct an academic ecosystem shared by scientific researchers, readers, and publishers. The publisher is targeting members and experts from the global publishing industry, scientists, academic publishers, government consultants and other experts in relevant domains to join the academic committee.

The Committee is a professional non-profit group affiliated to AccScience Publishing, a Singapore-based publisher.

The core mission of the Committee is to promote the innovation and development of academic publishing as well as scientific and cultural communication, improve the quality of scientific research and scientific publications, explore the global academic communication paths, defend publishing ethics, reform publishing policies, promote scientific and technological innovation and development in the publishing field, and provide professional advice and long-term guidance and supervision.

2. The main tasks and responsibilities of the Committee

The Committee is an open academic exchange and cooperation platform. Its members comprise national organizations, universities, research institutions, counterparts in the publishing industry, as well as researchers in related fields. The main tasks and responsibilities of the Committee are:

  • (i) to promote the development and dissemination of the innovative technologies used in academic publishing through research collaborations and exchange of ideas;
  • (ii) to attain theoretical innovation, achievement sharing, knowledge dissemination, and publishing talent training in the field of academic and publishing research;
  • (iii) to achieve sustainability in academic publishing research, and
  • (iv) to establish innovative mechanisms for promoting coordinated development of international scientific research and technological innovation.

Following the establishment of the Committee, we will launch a professional publishing think tank that integrates different academic and publishing fields, and set up an academic exchange mechanism, aiming to promote the development of academic publishing and enable high-quality scientific and technological achievements. With the help of the committee, an international academic publishing and research collaboration platform will be built to promote information sharing, organize regular academic seminars, facilitate collaboration and exchanges among its members, share most recent updates in innovation and academic publishing, and promote new information technologies aimed to solve practical problems in the publishing industry.

3. The organizational structure

The Committee is composed of the Bureau, Secretariat and experts.

The Bureau of the Committee determines the overall development direction and core tasks, and the Secretariat undertakes specific affairs and execute the various tasks of the academic committee with the help and advice of AccScience Publishing.

The Academic Committee are mainly composed of the well-known scholars from international organizations, universities, research institutions, and the publishing industry, who provide professional advice and technical guidance for the innovation and development of academic publishing, the dissemination of academic achievements, the sharing and development of academic research results, and the news regarding the important academic seminars. Most of the committee members are from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore and other countries.

4. Profiles of members of the Committee

  1. 1.Members of the Bureau
  2. Members of the Academic Committee
  3. The Publication Ethics Committee
  4. The Youth Committee
  5. The Publishing TechnologyCommittee


5. Responsibilities of the Committee

The main responsibilities of the Committee is to provide useful advice to the publishers of the significant academic events and activities that will potentially affect the academic publishing industry, including policies, academic ethics, academic research, and publishing models. The other responsibilities of the AccScience Publishing Academic Committee are as follows:

  1. To provide suggestions on innovating the publishing model;
  2. To provide advice on and assistance for academic cooperation with other institutions;
  3. To advise on and monitor practices concerning academic publishing ethics and publishing rules;
  4. To provide suggestions on the criteria and term of service of the experts to be appointed in the Committee;
  5. To participate in the Committee’s academic exchanges and seminars on a regular basis;
  6. To publish the consultation report of the Committee.

The Organizational Structure of the Committee